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Kamal is a performing artist represented by DGRW Talent. Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, Kamal discovered the joy of theatre and dance at an early age. Thanks to a used DVD of The Wiz, they just haven't stood still since. 


They received their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre from

Elon University in the spring of 2021. Since graduating, Kamal

moved to Brooklyn where they currently reside. 


When not performing, you'll find Kamal with an americano,

a curated playlist that's just right for the mood, and descending

into a Wikipedia rabbit hole on their current obsession.


As they begin their next chapter, Kamal chooses to lead, create,

and live in radical love. 


If something written here strikes a chord with you, please reach out.

They'd love to connect and talk about all things theatre, dance, and love. 

Headshot & Resume


For professional inquiries

For personal inquiries

Currently based in 

New York City
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