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Muny Teens 

The contract is signed and Kamal is officially the Muny Teen Troupe Choreographer for the 2022 summer season.

The Muny’s flagship education programs, The Muny Kids and Teens are two of nine offerings under The Crawford Taylor Education Initiative. Muny Director of Education, Tali Allen, and Artistic Associate, Michael Baxter, serve as Artistic Directors for the groups.


"Choreography is a burgeoning passion of mine and to get to explore it in this capacity (with fantastic young performers) is exciting! Additionally, as an alum of this program, it makes it that much more full circle."

Check back soon for more information!

Muny Teens

Bang Bang

Directors: Kamal Lado, Hannah Ellowitz, and Willem Butler

Choreographers: Kamal Lado and Timothy Scott Brausch

March 2021

Bang Bang
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